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OK nvm we worked out how to join...
09.01.18 12:31
Hutch I need to add players to my team can you help or no ?
08.01.18 22:47
Hello, est-il possible de rejoindre ou non 3Divisions Season#1 WW2" ?
03.01.18 08:19
Not to trust the dates of match, to fix is it with the teams of your division (put the real date in comment of the match)
20.12.17 23:01
Ne pas se fier aux dates de match fixer l'est avec les teams de votre division (mettre la date réelle en commentaire du match)
20.12.17 23:00
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General Rules

1) Individual and collective attitude :

On the LFHC, we wish that the members and the teams play in a good spirit and are respectful to the other players as well as to the staff.

* Any attitude against this principle of respect will not be tolerated.

* The incorrect player and/or the incorrect team can see sanctioning.

* If the player is leading of a team, the index card of the latter can be also sanctioned so punishing all members.

* The behavior of the players will have to be exemplary.

* Any words (insults, blade, etc.) or attitudes inadequate will be sanctioned.

* More generally, any subject moved to Admin or the site is systematically punished (whether it is via the site / forum or somewhere else on the Web).

* The players and equip whose behavior will be reprimanded will see attributing penalties in the form of cardboards:

            - For the players, a yellow card = first warning, an orange cardboard = suspension of the player for the season and/or current Tournament and a red card = Ban definitive.

            - For the teams, a yellow card = first warning and a red card = Ban definitive.

            - A received cardboard is definitive. 

Cardboards will be distributed according to the events, it can result from insults to Admins, to opponents or other solid not bearable, but evidence-based actions.


2 ) The Front and After match :

- The Front match:

        * Leader of every team have to contact to find a date, one hour and the choice of Map (Mappool + Screenshots).

        * Both teams have to follow the stages to explain in the assistance (Support > Assistance> Management Overviews of Match). It is to make minimum 30 min before the beginning of the match.Mappool can be made at the last minute.

         * A Leader can cancel a war minimum 1 hour prematurely planned. Down, it is not authorized unless it is seen in agreement with 2 Team and one of Admin.

         * A delay of 20 minutes of a team during a match will be also accepted, at the end of 20 minutes the match begins evenIf both teams are not whole otherwise the team which is in inferiority will can declared forfeit but will have a defeat 24/0.

- The After match :

        * One of the two Leader of team go the Scores of every sides into corresponding compartments and valid Score. The second Team will owe validated the scores, if it has had a problem during the war there, One of Team has to put are 4 Screenshots of the war on the Scoresheet to avoid any dispute during the post of the scores.

        * If after 24 hours the match was not confirmed by the second Team or if no request was put deposited, the result will be taken into account and no complaint can be made.

        * The Staff reserves the right to intervene on the score in case of non compliance with rules.

        * In case of dispute, the match can be replayed.

        * In case of problem please arm yourselves with proofs (images, Screenshots) to facilitate the risks of false requests. The complaints will be made in the party problems on the forum after wars and also indicate on the scoresheet, not to come to harass the Staff or the Admins on Steam it will arrange nothing. 


3) The progress of the matches :

        * It is authorized to add one or several players in a team, but it does not have to be made below 30 minutes before the beginning of the match. He must not be registered in another team (except in teams of an other one games) to avoid the mercenariat or the use of Last. A player can be to delete of a team but cannot play for another team time than the Season or the Tournament is not ended. If it is not to respect the team or the player in question will be sanctioned.(15 players max by Team)

        * A match can be played only with players registered on the LFHC but it needs that it is join the index card of the team. Should the opposite occur the team exposes(explains) itself to penalties on the result of the match and/or concerning possible actions of one or several unregistered players. The player does not have the right to be registered on several index cards.

        * The match will happen in MR12 (4 times 12 rounds), in Search and Destroy Hardcore 5vs5 or 6vs6 according to agreement with the opposite team. 

        * During a match, " say Team " will be rigorous. No writing will be allowed in the general chat of the game good part on the "GG", "GL", etc.!!! 

        * It will have or there a round Cut in the middle (no bend), the winner of the Cut will choose Map with which he wants to begin and Side of this one, and the loser of the Cut will choose Side of the second Map. Or then both Teams agrees at the beginning of the match for the choice of the first Map and also for Sides.

        * En case of logout of one or several players simultaneously, a single break of 5min can be asked the end of the round. If at the end of these 5min the team is not still whole, the match will start again normally. The disconnected players can nevertheless join the server along the way or a replacement can be made (see several, max 3 replacement by match).

        * The spectators are only authorized if both teams agree. If an Referee or Streamer has to put himself spectator, he does not need all right teams there.


4) The cheating ( cheat ) :

The cheating under all its forms (software, scripts, bug or any other means) is formally forbidden and will be sanctioned.

     * The player taken in action of cheating will see his account suspended definitively and the access to our platform will be refused to him via the registration on a banlist.

        * Rules for BAN VAC : The players authorized to participate are the players having maximum 1 BAN VAC and with a minimum of 200 days. All the others are forbidden by LFHC.

     * Several means will be at your disposal to denounce this type of players (staff Anti-Cheat, Problem / complaint on the forum).

     * The use of bug is likened to the cheating and will be also sanctioned(punished) (Glitch, bug Map), at the risk of lost round.

     * It is also forbidden to supply false media with the aim of being proved right during a conflict (Screenshots modified for example).

In case of cheat, the Staff Anti-Cheat looks at the cause of the cheat and the slice for a decision which will reflect the importance of the cheat. It will be realized in the same way in case of complaint on behalf of a team.

Compulsory Anti-Cheat for all the competitions of the LFHC is the MOSS software.

Link download MOSS Anti-Cheat : (configuration Software : File > Parameters > Call Of Duty: WW II > OK > Capture > Start after the war click Capture > Stop)


Upload The zip file on the site : Copy the link then stick it in the comments of the index card of the war.

** This list is not exhaustive, the imagination of some being very fertile... **

Règlement Général en langue Française :